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MBA is worlds most decorated post graduate course in Business Administration and Management. As a course which gives a profound foundation in business administration, an MBA degree can assure you an eminent advantage in any Business and assist you all along your career. So, what you have to do to earn such a degree? If you are willing to spend two or three years and a lot of money, you can join in any of the University’s or Business schools which provide regular MBA program and have your degree. Else, what you are looking for is a course which can be completed without attending regular classes and only demands little of your time and attention; this article may help you find the course that suits you the best.

In the prevailing learning scenario, there are two possible ways for having a degree without attending any regular classes or lectures. One way is by Distance education programs provided by the Universities and Other reputed institutions and the second is via Online education. Here we are trying to provide you the best thoughts regarding these two methods which may help you to earn your MBA degree.

To begin with, let us make a picture of how Distance education function and then compare it with the Online MBA learning. Distance education has been in the learning scenario for quite a long time. The facility was one of its kinds when it was first introduced in this sector. Learning was possible for working professionals, house wives and to anyone who doesn’t have proper circumstances for regular education. Classes conducted infrequently (mostly in holidays and nonworking hours), study materials from the universities and exams conducted in regular intervals surely did the job. But things are different nowadays. Those 8 hours’ work shift and plenty of leisure time are histories. We are living in an era in which time is money and we don’t have plenty of that to lose. This makes online courses much important and relevant. Valuable and efficient in every possible sense, online courses is something that provides you the ultimate flexibility in time and also in other elements of learning. Online MBA courses are designed to utilize the digital technology and innovations which give it an upper hand over distance learning. Besides that, there are many things to be considered and many questions to be answered before you enroll yourself in an Online MBA course. Our humble attempt is to answer some of those important questions in a clear and fair manner.

How authentic is online MBA?

Online MBA programs offer a special learning experience that can be customized to meet personal preferences, schedules or plans. These sorts of programs can be a great choice for independent learners who prefer self-directed study method in which they set the pace and direction for course completion. An online MBA is just as valued as one earned through a traditional program (Distance education or Regular course), as students are required to master the same syllabus, meet the same expectations and rise to the same challenges. When it comes to receiving your diploma/degree, there will be no likely differentiation between an MBA graduates who completed their course work on campus and those who did it online. Technology makes it possible to do business from anywhere in the world, so utilizing the same technology to complete an MBA can be a smart and efficient decision.

Which is better Distance MBA or Online MBA?

The above-mentioned facts are alone sufficient for answering this question in favor of Online MBA. In order to reinforce our opinion in this matter, we are providing a little more information regarding this common concern. Distance education refers to education without regular interaction with the educational institution and the students. The study materials are handed over to the students in form of videos, notes and other online programs but the correspondence is done via post. This is more like self-study in which the involvement of the educational institution and the faculty in the study process is minimal. Whereas online MBA programs entirely rely on computer oriented classes which provide students a virtual classroom experience in their convenience. Students are tutored and guided through online classes and video seminars. Almost all of the study tools are web based and follows a blended learning environment.

Another thing is that the courses conducted by most of the universities had failed to use the digital technology efficiently. The communication is mostly based on the traditional methods and this makes it’s less efficient in terms of time and cost. Most of the courses have a pre scheduled syllabus and class schedules. It will be hard for you to get something more out of such pre framed system. But when it comes to online MBA you are mostly in constant touch with the department and the faculty, which enables you to clarify doubts and other things related to study immediately. This is possible by utilizing every bit of the online technology.

Flexibility is another important thing in favor of online MBA programs, both in terms of time period and study methods. An online MBA can be completed in as few as two and a half years and can be extended to several more years. The study materials and exams are mostly conducted online, which makes the study flexible. You can do you study on your way back from work, on free hours etc.

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Is an online MBA a good choice for me?

Well, that’s actually something for you to decide. If you want to advance your career but don’t have the money or the time for a college study, then an online MBA might be the right choice. There is an increase among Online MBA courses in terms of sophistication and variety (e.g. blended MBA programs, MOOCs, SPOCs etc.) which means a growing number of candidates are now pursuing online MBAs. Here we provide ten best reasons for you to decide an Online MBA is a good choice or not.

  • You are provided with the same curriculum as if in a classroom program and usually the same faculty. You will be receiving the same quality business education at an accredited and reputed business school.
  • You don’t have to move or relocate, so there is less disruption in your life and also less cost.
  • Full freedom to relocate for professional or personal reasons.
  • You don’t have to quit your job loss your salary.
  • The learning can be lively applied to our current job. Applying your learning’s opens an opportunity to make a business impact today and to share your real- world experience (learning’s) with classroom peers or during a short internship.
  • There’s no urgency to find another job. Your pay packet makes life a lot easier so you can focus and enjoy the learning experience.
  • The online programs put all the needed resources at your fingertips. Many of the facilities that you would get on a campus (e.g. career counseling, library access) are available online. And if you have a blended program, you can have meetings with career counselors and participate in on-campus employment events.
  • A very real virtual campus awaits you out there online. Online MBA classes and work groups work in the same way a real global business project works. Global business is now moving to newer, fast-paced virtual team work, hot-desks, flexible work structure and online communities to functions and tasks across global offices. Employers now need people who are comfortable with technology and know how to make an impact (e.g. decision making, buy-in, knowledge sharing), enabling capabilities (helping others to be more efficient in their jobs), and able to get business done fast using collaborative online platforms and tools.
  • Online MBA courses are cheaper than other on-campus courses.
  • Flexible duration is a big plus. An Online MBA course can be completed in as few as 2.5 years but also can be extended to several years.

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Will top companies consider online MBA graduates?

This is a question which bothers anyone who wishes to pursue an MBA course online. It’s quite natural for an employer to be concerned about the authenticity and quality of your degree. The case is mostly depended on the credibility and reputation of the course provider. Recruiters say most of the employers accept candidates’ online MBA’s from respected schools, especially now that the quality of an online MBA education at many institutions is equivalent to one on a physical campus. But, according to experts, there is still the need to educate companies about the legitimacy of many online programs. A major portion of the employers won’t even ask about the format in which you acquired your degree, says an expert from this field. Others will only dig deeper if and only if they have some specific reason. Well in case you encounter an issue like this, the most important thing on your side is the reputation and accreditation of the school.

Types of Online MBA

Below explained are some of the most common online MBA programs.
Online MBA/WebFlex MBA: Majority of MBA degrees available online are hundred percent online with zero on-campus requirements.
Low residency/Hybrid MBA: Combining both online and classroom formats, these programs are designed to deliver the best of both worlds. Low Residency program usually requires some specific period of contact time on campus (Usually one week per quarter or semester). Whereas Hybrid program requires more frequent on campus time; common configurations are one weekend per month or alternate Saturdays.
Executive MBA degree online: These degrees usually require five years of work experience at least.
Accelerated MBA degree online: These are programs which can be completed in a short time period. Many programs can be completed in as few as ten months. Accelerated programs often give credits for prior college credits, degrees and work experiences.

6 particulars to consider before joining an online MBA course

When it comes to selecting a best-fit online degree program, you may come across a wide range of choices. Experts suggest that one should be very careful in this process. There are certain things students should consider when making the decision to ensure that they get what they pay for and the degree will be accepted by the employers and institutions.

  • Accreditation

    Accreditation is the proof of legitimacy, which tells students and potential employers that a legitimate, outside authority has determined the online program or school meet certain academic standards.

  • Reputation and name

    Experts say that determining that the program is part of a reputable academic brand will help to ensure that employers see the degree as legitimate.

  • Student services

    Expert opinion suggests that, when it comes to student services- whether it is technical support, libraries or career advertisement- the student should expect the same quality as they would obtain from a physical campus.

  • Level of rigor

    A legitimate online program will require the student to earn a certain number of credit to graduate. That means anything that offers you a much easier option- consider that as a red flag. For instance consider if a prospective online learner is told he/she can earn a degree quickly and easily – with a simple resume review or a few book reports, it is most probably a spam.

  • Cost of graduation

    Low completion rates may signal that a program doesn’t offer strong academic support. Do some researches on graduation rate before you enroll on the course.

  • Employment rates

    Low employments denotes weak career service or suggest the institution might be something like a diploma mill, giving out degrees with little weight because of lack of accreditation or low-quality academics.

A growing number of online and flexible MBA programs have reported year-on-year growth more than traditional, part time and executive courses. This highlights a swelling appeal of digital degree among business students. A surge of application for online MBA programs are reported in the ‘Annual application trend survey’ conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), owners of the GMAT test. The survey reflects the profound growth in the online business education sector, which will only continue in the coming years.

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