The Possibilities Of Distance Education

The world and its boundary are moving slightly through the constant innovation of technology. Everything has sprouted in all spheres. Continuing education through distance education among the work seekers has gained popularity.

Even those who have primary education as part of the existing economic system are also forced to slip into work. Following the job, the pursuit of education is a matter of concern. We see the conditions that impede high degrees of degradation, higher wages, etc., where infinite possibilities of distance education are relevance.

The source of distance education is in the Middle East in the middle of the 19th century. The Government of India, considering the possibilities of distance education in India and decided to convert the women and youth in to educated with the help of leading universities in India, , and in turn formed the Dec (Education Education Council) under UGC (University Grants Commission).

Ernest young have reported that 4: 2 million students have underwritten far-reaching education in the years 2011-2012, compared to 2,000-2001.

Distance education has gained popularity after the MHRD order in 2006, that certificates issued by distance education is equivalent  as certificate issued through regular education.

Even  if there are more experienced people in India, even if graduates and postgraduates  are getting the priority, the financial difficulties should be hindered themselves from higher education.  Study in Distance education mode comparatively less expensive than regular education. Distance education is a blessing for youths, housewives, and other citizens who want to pursue higher education. Whatever adverse situation you are responsible for your growth.

The major universities like Annamalai and Bharathiar in India offer different types of professional and management courses to complete the undergraduate and post graduate degree in recognition of the possibility of Distance education. In the course of your choice, I preferred courses to make it an opportunity for the academic and educational goals of your career.

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