Time Management Tips Every Online Student Needs to Know!

Online courses give students the flexibility to take their class anytime, anywhere. The trick, students say, is unique and stands up in whatever they do. But doing so requires discipline, commitment, and organization—traits any successful student should possess; no matter what path they’re taking to complete their degree. Myth is – online studies are easy and flexible as you can complete them at your own pace, but it’s not that easy. It is tough indeed. You are left on your own to the self-owned devices and many distractions. Without good control on your brain, you neither can concentrate nor can succeed. So, time management is a must-learn thing in such a scenario.

Strategy of time management to find a rhythm in online learning

When you start an online program, you will need to quickly determine when and how study time is going to fit in best with your lifestyle. This can be accomplished by auditing your current schedule. Keep track of how you spend your time to understand how long certain tasks really take you to complete.
Whatever method you choose to track your time, make sure it is easy to access and has enough space to document all of your daily tasks. The results of reviewing and tracking your schedule may reveal that you have more extra time for schoolwork than you originally thought. If it doesn’t, then it is time to start reprioritizing.

Use ‘chunking’ to your advantage

Since time is precious, focusing on minutes instead of hours can help you succeed in an online program. Create small sub-divisions of your time, as small as 15 to 20 minutes. These sub-divisions can help you act more creatively and attentively.

No, you don’t work better at the last minute

“Time is what we want most, but what we do worst.”
Set your own earlier deadlines throughout the week. This will create the pressure you need to get going on the task, ultimately ensuring you meet the final due dates for your online courses.

Surround yourself with a support team

Since an online learning is going to keep you busy, it’s important to respond to common distractions with positive reinforcement. Here’s how:.

  • Say “no” to any social activities or events that cut into your schedule.
  • Develop an inner circle that supports your educational commitments.
  • Reach out to your online coursemates for accountability and to trade time management best practices.
  • Take advantage of university organizations and clubs. Often there are other students experiencing the similar time management problems.
  • Use your phone to help block distractions like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Take help from good productivity applications. Productivity Challenge Timer, Ourpact, ClearLock, and freedom are to name a few.

Learn when to compromise

You can succeed in online courses without being a perfectionist on every assignment. It’s okay–and important–to identify tasks that can be prioritized over others. Once you select those tasks, you can set a maximum time limit on your allotted time.


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