What is 6 month NIOS SSLC PLUS TWO And It’s Value?


Those who had completed 14 years in age can apply NIOS 6 Months SSLC. There is no age limit for this course. There will be 13 subjects including multi languages. Of these, every student can select 5 subjects. 2 languages are compulsory and the other 3 subjects are free to choose. These three exams can be written either in English or in Malayalam.
Students who complete this NIOS 6 Months SSLC successfully are eligible to apply for both state and central government jobs.


NIOS 6 Months course is designed for those who are passed SSLC and completed 17 years in age. There will be 17 subjects for the 6 Months plus two examination of which the students can choose 2 languages. Except science subjects, main exam can be written either in Malayalam or in English. Students who successfully complete the 6 Months plus two courses are eligible for the Engineering, Medical, IT courses as well other professional courses. All universities across the nation accept our 6 Months PLUS TWO courses. The importance of Plus Two education is increasing as it is considered as the basic requirement for many jobs including PSC and UPSC. Those who complete this course successfully are eligible to apply for both state and central government jobs.

Value Of NIOS Board 6 Month SSLC & Plus Two Certificates:

NIOS is an autonomous board under hr ministry, government of India. So the certificates of pass issued for NIOS SSLC or PLUS TWO exams is merited equal to central board of secondary education. All the states of India have recognized these certificates issued to academia study center students.

Those passing SSLC class can join any school in India for PLUS ONE. PLUS TWO class passed students can join any college or university in India or abroad, for further studies in engineering, medical, computer science and such other faculty courses for a bright future, opened up by academia study center.
They Can Get Employment in State and Central Government Vacancies (PSC, UPSC), As Equal To Other Candidates of Formal Schooling.




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